The Regional Center for Social Innovation Istria (ReCeD'Istria) is a place for designing and creating new social innovations, creating and launching social services and new social programs, all in order to address the needs of society through the creation and implementation of new ideas in various social areas; social, sports, cultural, environmental, tourist, health, etc.
ReCeD'Istria will organize various events with the aim of education and awareness, but also the promotion of social innovations and will create the preconditions for financing the launch and development of social innovations.
The most important key activities of the Regional Center for Social Innovation Istria:
  • organization and implementation of a new, innovative way of educating various stakeholders on social innovations and methods of social innovation
  • holding pieces of training for mentors who will monitor the processes of social innovation development
  • creating their network, and verifying coaches and mentors.
Najvažnije ključne aktivnosti Regionalnog centra za društvene inovacije Istra su organizacija i provođenje novog, inovativnog načina obrazovanja različitih dionika o društvenim inovacijama i o metodama društ (8).png

ReCeD`Istria is a pilot of the project + Resilient of the Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides professional and continuous support to civil society organizations, and through information, education and networking of the public, business, civil and educational sectors contribute to the development of local communities and the development of philanthropy.