Area of ​​expertise Social entrepreneurship
Description of experience

Dr. sc. Marinela Dropulić Ružić is a certified Executive Business and Whole Brain coach, which contributes to solving problems related to employees and their personal development, which in turn reflects on team and organizational development.

She is a certified mentor for working with young unemployed people. She improved her sales skills according to the Sandler methodology and is educated in the field of neuroscience and its application in work environments, where she also conducts neuro testing.

She has led and collaborated on domestic and foreign projects of scientific and professional nature, has extensive experience in conducting research and data analysis, is the author of the manual "What if young people want to work in tourism?" and numerous scientific and professional articles and is the co-author of three scientific books.

She is an external associate of the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula, and before her scientific career, she gained experience in hotel companies and catering in Croatia and the USA, as well as in an employment agency.
Meraklis operates in all areas of its services - profiling, consulting, education, research and analysis, and participation in EU projects on human resources and wants to encourage the sustainable development of human resources

Description of competence

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