Carrier Juraj Dobrila University of Pula
Place of implementation Pula
The field of social innovation Health, Social inclusion, Other

The goal of this 3D puzzle is to help blind and partially sighted people imagine what the Arena actually looks like, then encourage children, especially children, to agree, which will encourage and improve their motor and cognitive development in the long run, all through play and fun. Namely, the puzzle should be arranged following the markings on the top, and since they are marked on the top with different contrasting colours, it will help the visually impaired to match. However, these puzzles are also good for children who have different special needs - they can help calm and concentrate, which is a very useful and interesting didactic subject for use in preschools and schools, and institutions specializing in working with children. This is just one in a series of interesting products that can help vulnerable groups, developed through a process of social innovation developed jointly by the University and the Foundation, with the aim of creating new social innovations as solutions to social problems.