Area of ​​expertise Social innovation, Sustainable development, Social impact, Community development
Description of experience

He has been involved in theater since 1996, first as a member of the INK Drama Studio and an actor, and later as a drama pedagogue. Since 2005, he has been leading the International Youth Theater Festival. contains the "Pula Forum - Festival of the Theater of the Oppressed". He is a member of the Croatian Center for Drama Education, which, based on his experience and completed workshops, awarded him the professional title of drama pedagogue - mentor. Through his theatrical activity, in addition to working with children, he has mostly concentrated on the study and dissemination of the Theater of the Oppressed method, a socially engaged theater whose goal is to empower vulnerable groups.

He has participated in many theater meetings at home and abroad (Cultural Olympics in Denmark 2001, Alternative Academy in Mostar 2002, International Meeting of Theater and Education in Barcelona 2006, International Theater Festival of the Oppressed - "Intercultural School" in Lisbon 2011, Meetings ASSITEJ networks, etc.)

He has led various workshops and projects of the Theater of the Oppressed in Croatia, Serbia, and Portugal for organizations such as UNICEF, Amnesty International, Safe House Istria, Civic Democratic Initiative Project, etc. Most projects dealt with sensitizing young people to various social problems and raising awareness of opportunities. individuals and groups have a change the current social situation. Many of these training was aimed at teachers and those working with children and youth.

From 2011 to 2013 he participated in the international project "TOgether" and became a member of the international theater company of the same name with which he created the play of the forum-theater "Hotel EUropa" which deals with the consequences of the economic crisis in 2008.

Together with Walter Roche, he translated the text "Mistero Buffo" by Italian Nobel laureate Dario Fo into Istrian Čakavian. He translated from Portuguese the last book by August Boal “Aesthetics of the Oppressed” (INK, Pula 2016). He has published articles on theater in the bulletins of Amnesty International Croatia and the Croatian Center for Drama Education and in the books “Theater im Dialog: heiter, aufmüpfig und demokratisch. Deutsche und europäische Anwendungen des Theaters der Unterdrückten ”(ibidem, Hannover 2004) and“ Ne raspravljaj, igraj! ” (HCDO, Zagreb 2007).

Description of competence

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