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As part of the + Resilient project, the Foundation and PI Aurora continue their processes of Measuring and Managing Social Impact, as well as Testing and Validation of a Socially Entrepreneurial Venture. Both pieces of training bring together various stakeholders from the area of ​​Istria County - representatives of local and regional self-government units, various institutions and agencies and civil society organizations. All of them work together in a hybrid way, physically and online on topics of good economics. Participants carry out their activities (practical work) between the terms of theoretical education. The whole process is exhaustive and requires a lot of resources.

The group working on measuring and managing social impact is at an advanced stage where the framework for measuring social impact on the existing ventures and activities of the participants, ie their organizations, can already be seen. The process of validating the effects in cooperation with key stakeholders and setting the same targets and thresholds is currently underway.

The group that deals with testing and validation of social entrepreneurial ventures is more focused on independent (organizational) work which gives importance to their upcoming social entrepreneurial venture. So this week the Foundation conducted market research by interviewing potential users. The interview took place on Tuesday, August 25, 2021. on the Pula waterfront and the expected number of responses of the target group was collected. Conclusions can be seen, needs and problems can be identified, and now the task is to continue working on the development and improvement of the idea in order for the social entrepreneurial venture to successfully respond to them.

Follow the Foundation's pages and soon read more about social entrepreneurial ventures and organizations that establish frameworks for measuring social impact.

The Regional Center for the Development of Social Innovations - ReCeD'Istria is a pilot project implemented by the Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development as part of the + Resilient Project. The project "+ Resilient" is funded by the Interreg Mediterranean 2014-2020 program from the European Regional Development Fund and co-financed by the Office for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The project involves 14 partners from 8 Mediterranean countries and aims to network, connect and transfer knowledge and good practices to encourage and develop social innovation and influence the creation of stronger institutional support at the European level.

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